Zahnarztpraxis im Burgstraßencarre
Zahnarztpraxis im Burgstraßencarre

Advice for healthy teeth

Whether battery operated or manual, important is that it has rounded synthetic bristles. Make sure you renew your toothbrush every three months.

Brushing technique
Don’t use force, just gentle circular movements. Brush from the gums to the teeth, and DO NOT SCRUB!!

Dental floss
Flossing are important to clean the narrow spaces between your teeth.

Chewing gum
Sugar free (with xylitol and fluoride), great for dental care between brushes. Chewing gum stimulates the secretion of saliva.

Important as an acid buffer after meals, contains fluoride and minerals, surrounds and cleans the teeth.

Healthy diet
Not only improves your general wellbeing but also helps your oral health. Eat few sweet things, lots of wholefoods and grains, salads, fruit, dairy products, and remember: You are what you eat!

Go for lots at once rather than little and often! It isn’t the amount of sugar you eat but how often you eat it that matters to your teeth. Watch out for hidden sugars in soft drinks, ketchup and ready-made sauces in fast-food restaurants.

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